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Rosie Wallace

Rosie Wallace kept her lip buttoned throughout her many years as the wife of one of the UK's best known politicians.

So when he decided to retire, she rubbed her hands with glee and set to work.

The fact that he returned to politics almost immediately hasn't stopped her, and she is now working on her third novel.

Her first novel, A Small Town Affair (Hachette) was told from the point of view of the wife of the local MP, though Rosie insists that it isn't in the least autobiographical. It is hilariously funny, with moments every wife and mother, husband and father - indeed anybody will love.

'This is an easily inhaled, colourful tale dripping with more gossip material than any town could likely unravel in a few short months, with moments of poignancy and humour.' Courier Mail May, 2010

Her second novel, The Trouble with Keeping Mum (Hachette) has been described as '... a comedy Borgen, in Scotland, with on-line shopping..' Annie Cochrane juggles her political life with her personal life with variying degrees of success, until one day she realises that she can't ignore her mother's increasing dottiness any more. And, it turns out, that's the least of her problems...

Rosie lives in Orkney.