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Gemma Green

Gemma Green was born and brought up amongst the fields and apple orchards of Shropshire and Worcestershire.

Not wanting to end up as either a farmer or apple picker, Gemma chose an academic route, studying Psychology at Bath University. However, instead of attending lectures, she indulged in her long-held favourite hobby of writing, and after four years, decided that she enjoyed being inside her own head far more than anyone else's. Uncertain that her hobby could become a career, she did the next best thing and began work in publishing, first at BBC Audiobooks, then at Chicken House. But before long, impatience and perseverance led her to write almost full-time, alongside freelance literary consultancy work and stepping onto the management committee for the Bath Festival of Children's Literature.

Gemma now lives in London and remains entirely convinced that truth is most definitely stranger than fiction.