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Joe Friedman

When Joe Friedman's daughter asked for a 'whole new story' one bedtime, he rose to the challenge and wrote the Boobela stories for her.

Joe is an experienced author with a series of well-reviewed books about Boobela, a girl giant, and her friend Worm, which help children make the transition between picture books and chapter books.  His background is in adult education and he's also done stand up comedy.  So he's used to fusing the need to teach with the ability to amuse.

He enjoys visiting schools to talk about his books, and taking creative writing workshops with pupils and teachers. Those interested in booking him will find his contact details on his Contact an Author page.

The TES magazine featured an article about one of his Boobela books: To read it go to http://www.boobela.com/view_all/tesarticle.php .