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Lari Don

Lari Don loves the freedom, challenges and constant chaos of writing for lots of different age groups. She writes novels for 8-12 year olds, novellas for teenage reluctant readers, picture books for infants, short chapter books for newly independent readers and retellings of traditional tales for absolutely everyone.

Lari was born in Chile and brought up in the North East of Scotland. She now lives in Edinburgh with her two children.  She has worked in politics and at the BBC, but she has now found her perfect job, as a full-time children's author and a traditional storyteller.

Lari loves sharing stories and her passion for stories, as well as inspiring children to use their own imaginations. Her adventure fiction - First Aid for Fairies and Other Fabled Beasts was her first published novel -  is inspired by the magic of Scottish stories, but for her latest book., Breaking The Spell, she retold her favourite Scottish legends and folktales.

She is keen for children in Scotland to know more of their own traditional tales, and also to spread these wonderful stories more widely round the world.  She is also fascinated by the similarities and connections between stories from different cultures.

Lari is an experienced storyteller who is comfortable with audiences of all sizes, and she believes that inspiring children to use their own imaginations is one of the most vital parts of a writer's job. She's held author events in a cave, on a hillfort, in a prison and in a forest, as well as in hundreds of schools, libraries, bookshops and book festivals throughout the UK.

She won the Canongate Prize for adult short fiction (with Melon's 69p), the Royal Mail Award for younger readers (with First Aid for Fairies And Other Fabled Beasts), and the Heart of Hawick Picture Book Award (with The Big Bottom Hunt). In May 2013, Lari was presented with the Dundee Picture Book Award for Orange Juice Peas, illustrated by Lizzie Webb.

For further insights into Lari's approach to writing and storytelling, there is a fascinating indepth interview with Zoe Toft on the Playing by the Book blog.