Those Pesky Rabbit have moved in next door!


Those Pesky Rabbit have moved in next door!


Neighbours - love them or hate them, we've (almost) all got them.

In Ciara Flood's new picture book, Those Pesky Rabbits, a bear, who has been more than happy with his own company, is aggrieved when a family of rabbits set up house near by - and FURIOUS when they start being... well... neighbourly.

The trailer - here - gives a great preview of this lovely book.

You can buy the paperback online here. And the hardback online here. Or seek it out from your local bookshop. And demand that your local library stocks up too.

An accomplished designer of a wide range of products, 'Those Pesky Rabbits' was Ciara's first attempt at a picture book, and the minute we opened her submission we knew that we were in the presence of exceptional talent, and ingenious storytelling skills. Of a number of publishers, Templar was the one she chose to be her first publisher, and her second book will be published later this year. Details will follow...

Find out more about Ciara on her website, here. And see some of her other illustration work, including sketches for Those Pesky Rabbits on her Tmblr page here.

And tell your neighbours!

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