Tanya Landman is shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal



Congratulations to Tanya Landman!

Buffalo Soldier, her YA novel about Charley O'Hara, a young African-American slave from the deep south of America, has been shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal.

The judges said of the book, 'This brutal and heart-breaking story is engrossing from the very beginning. The strong narrative voice engages the reader in the world described, perfectly conveying raw emotions without the overuse of sentimentality. The book skilfully deals with difficult issues of race, gender and the essence of freedom against the backdrop of a beautiful landscape and the horrors that humans inflict upon eachother. The subtle changes in language expertly mirror Charley's personal growth. This is a beautiful, powerful piece of writing that will remain with readers long after the last page.'


You can buy copies at your local bookseller or online here and here.

And you can borrow a copy from your local library.

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