Roy Gill's latest radio play



We Are Everywhere, Roy Gill's latest script for Big Finish Productions is part of the Confessions of Dorian Gray series of audio plays, all inspired by Oscar Wilde's classic story.

The plays, which you can download, or buy on CD, have a growing listenership, many of whom feel heavily invested in the series and the characters each writer introduces.

You can read the verdict of one of those listeners, Joe Ford, on his Doc Oho blog here - and you'll see what we mean about passionate engagement with the series. Like many listeners, he has high expectations of the writers!

Fortunately, Roy has measured up to those expectations - although the reviewer's reaction to the terrifying opening scene is viceral.

You can listen to a trailer for We Are Everywhere here.

And we'll keep you posted about Roy's next audio drama credit - coming soon...

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