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In 2010, Helena Pielichaty, currently the Chair of the Society of Authors Children's Writers and Illustrators Group, was approached by a primary school in Wales (Ysgol Esgob Morgan) to become their Patron of Reading.

Like many writers, Helena (author of the popular Girls FC series published by Walker Books) spends a great deal of her time enthusing children about reading and books, and made a particular impression during a visit to a library, attended by children from the local primary school. A few months later the Head Teacher contacted her because he wanted to extend the opportunity beyond that single visit, so created the role of Patron of Reading for the school.

Helena has enthusiastically promoted this opportunity as a splendid way for writers to work in a sustained and considered way with the schools they visit, and as a result several other writers have signed up in other schools throughout the UK - and they are all loving it.

The Head Teacher of Ysgol Esgob Morgan - a huge fan of the initiative - has now created a list of current post holders, and writers who would be willing to take on the role. (Names are being added all the time...)

For further details about the practicalities of setting up this scheme, go to Helena's website which gives an excellent overview of all the considerations. This is a professional engagement with huge potential benefits for the Patron and the children and teachers in the selected school.

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