Daniela Sacerdoti - the next steps


Daniela Sacerdoti's first book for adults, Watch Over Me,  was published quietly in the autumn of 2011. But the following summer, the eBook edition took off, garnering hundreds of enthusiastic reviews. Dani was bombarded with requests from readers wanting her next novel.

In the meantime, Dani had not been sitting twiddling her thumbs. She wrote The Very Weird Removals Company.com (Floris Books) for 7 to 11s, and the first two in the Young Adult Sarah Midnight Trilogy - Dreams and Tide (Black and White Books).

With those finished, and published to considerable acclaim, Dani turned her attention to a follow-up to Watch Over Me. She didn't want to write a straight sequel - but she did have a cracking idea...

And that's what she's deep into at the moment.

There's a great interview with her in The Courier Magazine which tells you a great deal more about this extraordinary Italian Glaswegian novelist.

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